Chiropractic Clinic Newsletter

The built-in ChiroCentrix email system is designed for emailing active subscribers of your website/newsletter whom have requested to receive emails from you. A good example of a good use for this too would be to send a monthly newsletter to your members.

If you have an e-mail address today, you are probably already recipients of one or more newsletters. Newsletters are actually one of the most profitable marketing channels. Did you know that American studies have shown that e-mail distribution gives 40 times return on each dollar invested? Let’s go through some of the best reasons to send newsletters.

Newsletter brings more visitors to your website - 

The website is often the most important information and sales channel. You can easily drive traffic to your website through links in your newsletter.

Be personal and relevant

By using your customer data right, you can increase the relevance and thereby also the chance to convert subscribers into customers.

Measure how your newsletter is performing

By having clear goals for your newsletter, you do not leave anything to chance. Take advantage of statistics and monitor how many people opened the letter, which links were clicked on and who ended their subscriptions.

*** Is open rates too low? ***

Try using a more attractive subject line so that more people would want to open and read your newsletter.

*** Too high proportion request unsubscribe? ***

Think about how you can make your newsletter more relevant to your recipients.

Build relationships and loyalty

The majority of marketers are using email marketing as a one-way channel. What many do not realize is that email is an excellent channel to establish a dialogue with their readers. Ask for feedback and listen to your customer needs. You can, for example, link to a questionnaire in your newsletters in order to get more information about your customer needs and experiences.

Environment-friendly marketing with low costs

Forget the cost of printing, distribution and mailing commercials with expensive envelopes and postage fees. Say hello to fast, simple and cost-effective newsletters. With the help of email marketing we protect the environment.