Writing Content For Your Chiropractic Website

Professional writers and bloggers and we write content-rich, search engine-friendly web pages or blog posts for your website. You know your time is better spent meeting prospective clients and practicing your profession so busy chiropractors put off the important activity of building the content on their website.

Why You Need More Webpages
The more pages you have on your site, the more ways searchers can find you in search engines like Google. There are thousands of different ways people type their searches for a chiropractor into Google, and if you don't have a separate web page for each term, chances are that very few of them will find you.

For example, if someone goes to Google and searches for "Austin Chiropractor", you want your web page entitled and about "Austin Chiropractor" to come up on the first page of the search results.

If someone types in "Auto Accident Chiropractor" you want your page entitled and about "Auto Accident Chiropractor" to come up on the first page as well. And the same logic holds true for hundreds of different ways that can more perfectly describe all of the things that you do. All you need is about 100 different pages that describe your chiropractic service and you'll have all of the website traffic and all of the business you can handle!


There are however requirements that you have to meet for a search engine to rank your pages highly enough for you to get search engine traffic. I write content that is 100% original, on-topic and above all, interesting to read. This way you are increasing your odds as high as possible that you will impress your prospect and that he/she will call or email you for an appointment.

Unique and Original Content
Each page on your site must be well-researched, grammatically correct, and completely unique and original. Search engines like Google have algorithms in place to detect duplicate content on your website or content copied from other websites. Once this is triggered your web pages will get buried and are for all intents and purposes worthless. I write content that is 100% unique and original. I often quote relevant statistics my quotes are properly footnoted.

Topical Content
In addition to being unique and original, your content pages must be on-topic. The page title and description must match the page content. You can't write a page about fishing poles and title it "Best Chiropractor in Austin" and expect it to come up on page one in a search for the phrase, "Best Chiropractor in Austin". If I'm writing about the best chiropractor in Austin, the page title and description are about the best chiropractor in Austin. My pages are on-topic.

Interesting and Well-Written Content
Finally, you can't write junk and expect a potential client to be impressed and want to call or email you. There are plenty of content writers out there that write poorly, use bad grammar, make spelling errors, and write disjointed, uninteresting essays. They might get your page into Google but once a searcher reads the poorly written content they'll simply go back to Google and click the next listing. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

If you would like more information about content writing service ask your marketing consultant.