ChiroCentrix Chat Turns Visitors Into New Patients

It's nice having visitors to your website, but what tools will be used to help you your website convert visitors into new patients?  A recent study by google shows that a consumer clicks on 5 websites before making a decision.

The ChiroCentrix LiveChat tool will have a tremendous impact on your website's conversion rate by proactively engaging potential patients that are on your website while simultaneously improving the consumers experience.

Increasingly, companies are finding that a website is nice to have, but does not result in the type of return they anticipated. Now days more must be done to create a unique experience for your visitor. Satisfied customers may be happy with a recent experience, but often do not have an emotional connection with your site. This lack of an emotional connection often results in customers with high levels of customer satisfaction switching to competitors for reasons such as a minor cost difference or a slightly more convenient location.

We have two ChiroCentrix Live Chat Plans That Can Help Solve This Problem:

  1. Fully Monitored by your staff
  2. Combo Live Chat - Our Agents Monitor 24/7 & transfer qualified website visitors to your in house agent/front desk/patient coordinator's live chat console.  Providing seamless transfer from potential to scheduled patient.