Search Engine Optimization or what I will refer to as SEO throughout this article is not about manipulating the search engine algorithyms or building fake back links purchased from a company in India.

SEO is about building a strong foundation through:

SEO Features

  1. Stable Hosting Environment
  2. Error Free Website Programming
  3. Compression & Speed

  1. Properly Built Link Structure
  2. Content That Has a Purpose
  3. On Page & Off Page SEO

After your infrastructure and website are properly built it can be submitted to the search engines for indexing.  This doesn’t mean over night your website will be on page one position one because in addition to the factors I outline above the search engines consider:

  1. Click Thru Rate Under Specific Key Word Phrases
  2. Quality & Quantity of Back Links under specific key word phrase
  3. Social Interaction

Remember, seo is like a child and must be cared for if you want expect your website’s SEO to blossom.

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